Thursday 30 May 2013

Remote Controlling with an Arduino Uno and a Nexus 7

The local Radioshack was selling off some Arduino shields, as they were being discontinued as they were preferring the Seedstudio versions. I got an ethernet shield and an sd card shield, and was initially attracted to get the androidsdk shield until I realised that it needed a cable connection to my Nexus 7.  I wanted to do it by wireless so ultimately I could control things across the shack remotely

Searching the internet I came across a writeup which used an Arduino UNO and a bluetooth board to control the state of an LED. I already had a revision 3 UNO so I looked on ebay and found a cheap Bluetooth module. This arrived today

Following the writeup everything seemed to be working. I could see the RX led on the Uno flashing as it got data from the BT receiver but the LED stayed off. I was intrigued why the writeup said connect the LED to pin 2 of the UNO but defined the LED as pin 7 in the Arduino code listing. I moved the LED to pin 7 and everything worked great.

I tried voice commands but as usual the google voice recognition software could not cope!

I noted that a link to the source code for the android for the appinventor tool is available to "modify". That could be tomorrow nights Project

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