Tuesday 28 May 2013

Holiday weekend Expedition Sunday

Today started in Texarkana, AR. The aim was to drive South to Shreveport, LA. The drive was interesting with regions of oil wells and regions of nothing. Arriving in Shreveport downtown was even more chaotic than normal with streets closed and diversions for a memorial weekend Fair. Took a quick look at the red river then decided to go elsewhere.

I noticed that lake Caddo was NW of the city, straddling the TX/LA border and is the only natural lake with waters in Texas. It is also the location for the worlds first offshore (over water) oil rig in 1911!

As the CQWWWPX contest was still in motion the wire was thrown into a tree in the car park where the empty boat trailers are stored and the KX3 activated. 34 stations were worked with one European. Grid is EM32AR


The night was spent in Marshall, TX

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