Sunday 5 May 2013

Ubuntu on the Beaglebone Black (1)

After spending the afternoon over in Fort Worth doing a presentation on the 1.3GHz UK Activity Contest to NTMS, this evening was spent installing Ubuntu on the BBB

Initially I tried the procedure using a prebuilt image  at and eventually, after solving some issues due to priveleges I got a USDHC card produced. Unfortunately, after powering up the BBB with the reset button near the uSDHC pressed as instructed and waiting, it produced lots of flashing blue lights but no video output. Time to try something else.

Next I searched for any other prebuilt images and came across (a later version of Ubuntu) I followed the instructions on my ubuntu laptop which did not need any corrections and built an uSDHC card

Booting the BBB with the reset button pressed it was reassuring to see a penguin appearing on the screen and a demand for login and password

Flushed with success, I decided to try and install WSPR. I used the process of the previous WSPR blog. However all commands had to be typed in letter by letter, as, not having a desktop or browser I couldnt go to this blog and cut and paste!) It built way faster than it ever did on the RPI.

Launching WSPR it complained as usual about having no display to export to, so the next step is to install a desktop, find a sound card (and a browser!)

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