Saturday 4 May 2013

Visit to Mouser Electronics

The last few days I have been working on the replacement w5hn 50MHz beacon. Testing the N1JEZ board showed i needed a replacement Fox 10MHz Crystal oscillator, which I needed to get from Mouser Electronics. I was going to get it shipped, then I thought "its a nice day let me go and get it". By nice (for Dallas) i mean i was not going to roast in the car; it has been cool lately. Having ordered from them for 20 years it would be nice to see the source of all the goodies

Went online, exchange with there online help who said "will call" wasnt an issue, just choose that box when choosing shipping method. I choose the components needed then got to shipping page. No "will call" box. Had to resort to calling the ordering line and a helpful lady said you need to put will call and a time in the special instructions box, even though it warns putting anything there could delay the order processing. You still have to choose a carrier for delivery , even though you wont be using one,  to get to the next page and complete the order!. She stayed online till the order was placed then intercepted it and changed it to will call; not an efficient process.

Drove to Mansfield, TX which took an hour. GPS said I was there and I suspected the big concrete building was Mouser but found no signange. Went to the reception (still no sign) who said willcall was round the back near the fedex trucks. The order was there, waiting and while there I got a paper catalogue. On the way out I found THE  sign, the only one on site,  at the intersection outside. All the entrances just say "No Trucks"

As WA5VJB was on my route home I  had lunch at the Mongolian BBQ with him, returning just in time to beat the Friday afternoon rush hour

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